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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  February 13, 2018 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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you don't represent our district, last year in those discussions and making sure we got on to the bond and i want to thank the giants for agreeing to committing and supporting the study process moving forward. supervisor peskin was joking next to me it was only one night, it was more than one night, it took a lot over one night. so i don't see any other comments from colleagues, so through the chair, if we can open up for public comment. >> i'm going to say something quickly. if you look at the timeline properly, supervisor, this is your culmination of two terms on the board of supervisors. this started in 2010, conversation culminated with the famous evening of negotiations, i think i saw you after that.
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blurry eyed but happy the deal had been done and i want to recognize the giants. i think one of the things missed in the conversation but eluded to is that the giants are very pro-labor organization. we have a lot of folks from labor community represented in the room. not only the workers on site but the workers that will build the facility and this is going to create thousands of jobs for them and then also this was forward thinking in the sense that now we have many projects on public and non public land following in the footsteps, i know we spent a year negotiating a project now that will be 40% affordable and so the expansion of that and this was the groundbreaking project in that regard. so middle class and working class families -- but also the long conversation we had on
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inclusionary housing. this is not just low-income affordable, this is really and truly middle class housing that has not really been done. we've had that conversation and this is all being done on the dime of the developer and the giants. i don't see any other name once the roster. we'll open up for public comment. speakers will have two minutes to comment on the item. thank you. >> good evening supervisors. i'm chris kelton, my wife and i have lived in south beach for nearly 30 years and recently closed a business on townsend. we witnessed tremendous change, empty fields, cyclone fencing,
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condo apartments and mission bay. despite all the development, we are missing the sense of a neighborhood. people drive through on their way to the 280 freeway, the bay bridge or another neighborhood seeking energy and liveliness. i'm a the glass is half full kind of person and believe in a better tomorrow. where you see a 28 acre asphalt parking lot, i see a blank canvas waiting for the broad stroke of the artist's paint brush creating a master piece. you see a wind swept eyesore, i see potential for a better life for all, construction workers building mission rock, shops, restaurants, cafes, the neighbors of mission bay and south beach who will have a place to congregate, make new friends and explore new interests in an inclusive
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atmosphere and a better life for those living at mission rock. after prop-b passed, i stood in support of the project. i said at the time san francisco had billed itself as a city that knows how to but was becoming known as a city that knows not to. i was proven wrong. supervisors, i ask you and beg you to pass this project on and bring that potential for a better tomorrow for all. >> thank you and next speaker, please. >> good evening president breed and supervisors. i'm a community organizer on staff at the san francisco coalition. i'm here to provide support for the bicycle components on behalf of our 10,000 plus members. we have seen a strong commitment from the giants to look at
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bicycles, public transit options. when it comes to the bicycle network, this means class four connections to mission rock street and when paired with class two and 3 along other streets will be a meaningful addition to our bicycle network. the space network will serve as the starting point for the blue greenway, trails, parks and open space along the southern water front. it's an incredibly important space and needs to be accessible for people riding bikes. we're happy to see a class-one separated facility to open it up to all levels of riders and eventually connect to the hunters point shipyard. i want to recognize and thank the giants for their hard work in a great public planning process for this project. their staff has made themselves available to us, so we look
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forward to seeing the project move forward and break ground. thank you. >> thank you for your comments. next speaker please. >> hi everybody. i'm daniel turner, i'm the executive assistant at hamilton families and i'm here to read a letter on behalf of our ceo. i'm writing to request your support for the mission rock project. approved by san francisco voters in 2015, this project will address a number of housing needs in the city of san francisco. including the need for hundreds of affordable housing units. with much planning and community input, the mission rockland use plan includes 40% affordable housing for low and middle income families. it also includes mixed unit sizes with two and three bedrooms for families. mission rock will create eight acres of open park and space,
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neighborhood serving retail and onsite childcare for the community. in all of the years operating at&t park, the san francisco giants have formed relationships with the city and local nonprofits, including hamilton families and heading home initiatives to address family homelessness. the long-term commitment is why i urge you to support the project today. thank you. >> next speaker please. >> i'm the ceo of the parks alliance, serving diverse city parks and open spaces, serving over 200 organization or friend of group, together with our partners, raising millions annually to improve our parks, playgrounds and open spaces. i'm speaking in support of the approval of the mission bay
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project. since 2003 when the mayor assembled a park force, it has served to realize the blue greenway vision for recreational areas along 13 miles from at&t park to candlestick point. much needed acres of new parts is a vital step in realizing the vision. for far too long, the eastern and southern waterfront has been disconnected from the other areas with lack of pedestrian access and trail connectivity making the need for the underserved neighborhoods. opening eight acres of public space is a game changer for a neighborhood that has lacked open space and central community gathering space, 40% of housing goes a long way to afford to
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remain in this part -- to remain a part of this community. the parks alliance is please ed with the consideration that have been made to address sea level rise, land especially parkland is important to preserve, preparing the site for generations of us is a wise investment. this completion is a priority for the board of the parks alliance and we hope you support it as a whole and i want to thank giant and city staff for a great job in the project. thank you. >> thank you for your comments. next speaker please. >> supervisors, san francisco building and construction trades council and bicycle coalition for a number of years. supervisor kim, i think in all the years and at all the various hearings before all the various bodies at which i have testified on behalf of this project and all the work i have done, i have managed to avoid a baseball metaphor, but in talking about four championships, you got me
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to say i think you have moved a fast ball down the middle of the pipe and giants are going to hit it out of the park. proposition b, those of us involved in politics for some time in this year, not so many years ago, debate over development even more than now involved the close end combat. when i agreed to be a co-plaintiff it was in fear this would be another one of the situations. i am pleasantly surprised at the broad public buy-in that the giants have obtained for the project over the years and i'm trusting you'll take care of the appropriate approvals today. thank you. >> thank you for your comments. next speaker please. >> good evening president breed and honorable members of the board of supervisors. i'm the current political director for united educators of san francisco and previously
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family liaison. i'm here to speak in support of the mission rock project. this is a mixed integrated project that will provide housing for low income workers in san francisco and middle class families. in particular, i want to be able to talk about how it will actually impact our para educators in san francisco with our teachers play a role to support all students obtain a well rounded education. and this project would help many of our parents stay here in san francisco and i'm going to describe who are the parent educators. para educators are special ed teachers that work with special ed students and they work with pre-k students, they are security guards that help keep our schools safe and family liaisons that provide resources to keep families engaged in the
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children's education. and i want to be able to say that this project is really significant because of the honest -- because of the honest negotiations that resulted in 40% of low income and middle income housing. you have labor, community, business and different stakeholders at the table wanted to meet the needs of the community. growing up as a farm worker child, at the dinner table i heard my parents say if the growers would be honest in negotiations, it would improve the lives of farm workers. i urge your support for the project. >> thank you. next speaker please. >> good evening president breed and members of the board of supervisors and especially supervisor jane kim for playing
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the long game. it's quite impressive that as supervisor safai said, you started your career at the board of supervisors with this project and you'll be leaving quite a feather in the city's cap. and on behalf of san francisco teachers and para educators, i'd like to continue anibell's comments. i'm on the executive board and 25 year school teacher, i think the whole city is now familiar that san francisco teachers and para educators cannot afford to live in the city anymore. so representing the 6200 educators work in our school have become part of the site for affordable housing. our mantra in the fight is to expand the pie, make room for middle income affordable housing, but in no way take from
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lower income san francisco. take the pie and expand more for everyone. in this matter, supervisor kim, giants, labor, community have weighed in on a for-profit project with 40% affordable housing. we hope that becomes the gold standard for san francisco as we go forward. so just -- i won't leave you with my personal note. thank you. >> thank you for your comments. next speaker please. (please stand by)
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>> strong neighborhoods and communities versus financial profit and taxes, the city makes taxes whenever we can. i'm here knocking on the door of market rate rents. overhead, please. 80-year-old gal, her market rate rent went up $600. she moved to another building
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and stroked ten months later. wonderful little couple. both of these are the nicest people. this couple, i didn't get a chance to shoot the photograph of that. this is the second rent increase. one of our residents who is still living there, a long time resident, about 20 years, she worked for the giants. she has to continue working for the giants because her below market rate apartment isn't paid for by her social security. section 8, any unit there in section 8? any seniors? we've four different groups of seniors, seniors that own their own home and can't take care of it, seniors whose legs are
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broken. we need to move homeless and put veterans in. there are disabled and less fortunate people that are part of our community. a market rate rent is a disaster. we need people to be able to stay and live in their community instead of making a yearly hotel. thank you. >> thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> good evening, supervisors. my name is karen. i'm a planner and designer. i'm here as a 25 year resident of the city of san francisco. as a planner of some 40 years and many more than 40 urban waterfront projects including mission rock in the very beginning. there's not one other project that's ignited the same passions and pride that mission rock has done for me. there are many reasons, but i'll touch on three.
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the essence and value of the probably executive -- probably executive, the partnership forms and the leadership by the team for mission rock. essence and values, from the day jack walked into our firm, the first days of this project, from that first day, we didn't have trouble agreeing on the values of what we wanted at mission rock, a place of interest and innovation, comfort, and choice and diversity that would have open arms to all. we agreed on that. that was the kind of -- think of the torch from the olympics. it was kind of the flame that has sustained us throughout. you will find that commitment to those values, the values of the public. participation of this site in everything that's in front of you this evening. community partnership was clear. you've heard comments about that already, sharing, engaging, and
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partnering together to decide what should be in this project from the big picture to the small. lip never been comfortable with a face value of things, but moving on with research and commitment to take the long look. as a result, this will be an extraordinary place to live, work, and visit, well worth the pride and passions that i feel for the project and all of its creators feel in the community, but also for your pride and passions as you take agency on on -- action on this project moving ahead. >> thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> well, here we go again. another gentrification of san francisco. when this is it going to be too much? when is the congestion go to be too much for you people? if you let this project goes, it proves who you really are. you're not thinking of the poor
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people that live in dog patch or down there. they can't park there overnight because supervisor cohen won't let them. it's just deplorable how you treat the poor people. do you think poor people will be able to afford those units? you're just creating urban blight. herman got rid of it. you guys are creating it. you're letting people chop up these houses, create all these expensive units that no one can afford, you know. it's more car break-ins. it's more bicycle thefts. there's more urine in the street, everywhere. i suggest you do not let the -- the giants need more power, a power out of the bullpen and more youth movement. they don't need this. thank you very much. >> thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> i thought this was the line
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for people who were in support of the project? is this for people in support? >> this is public comment on the item total. >> neighborhood activist. let me tell you a story. it goes back to before most of you were born. the willie brown era, there was a gift horse the city got. it was the mission rock shelter. after a period of time when they built the stadium, they had to close it down, but when the shelter was there, you could actually see the visible homelessness in san francisco declined dramatically. you could -- a person could imagine a solution to the homelessness. that's the effect that shelter had. it was on that -- it was on the site we're talking about here. you know, i would just say that, you know, this -- this is a good probably executive. i'm not opposing the project. my comments are meant to be in addition to everyone else's.
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there is a huge segment of san francisco's population that's being left out. >> thank you for your comments. before reverend townsend speaks, are there any other members of the public who would like to address the board on the mission rock financing district number two, the financing district plan and the bond issuance? please proceed reverend. >> thank you. arnold townsend. i came to support this project with brief remarks because i would hope that supporting this project is as easy for you as it is for me. i will say this: this project has been very frustrating to me on one level because one of san francisco's favorite pastimes is picking apart projects like this. i really tried, and i just wasn't able to. every time i turned around and i thought i had them, they got me.
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when i said there was something they were going to miss, i got a call about talking about workforce. when i thought there was some parts of the community they would leave out and wouldn't touch, i got a call about, can you help us talk to local pastors so we can explain the benefits of the project to them. when we talked about the diversity in the housing, they said, no, it's not going to be only affordable. we're going to have deep affordability, not the affordable that many of the folk that we serve in our church and community cannot even afford that affordable housing. we're going deeper than that. then we even talked about the potential for affordability and diversity in the commercial facilities that will be there, in the retail sites. they will be small and broken up. just at every turn, they met -- they have met the need and i think it's absolutely essential to finally let me say this. the giants are partners with the city. even when they got turned down
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for stadiums, they didn't abandon the city and move to santa clara. they stuck it out and shrugged it out. they deserve this approval, but more importantly, the people of san francisco deserve your approval. thank you. >> thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> president breed, supervisors, my name is shelly carol. i'm a neighbor in south beach and i've been attending meetings since jellies years and years and years, and people have said everything that i would like to except i would like to reiterate, support the project. i'm a season ticket holder. >> are there any other members of the public who would like to give public comment?
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seeing none, public comment is closed. this hearing has been held, and is now filed. this matter is now in the hands of the board of supervisors. we will reconvene as of board of supervisors out of the committee of the whole. with that, i would recognize supervisor kim. >> thank you so much, madam president. i want to thank again our project sponsor and all of our city departments for their work on this project. it is really something that we're all incredibly proud of. again, the giants set the standard for all of the other developers across our city, particularly for large projects and it's really heartening to hear the supervisor is also working on a project that will hit 40%. it's really the leadership of the giants coming out in front for building for our city. and then one final note to
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reiterate supervisor fewer's comments to our planning department and mayors office, we want to make sure it includes a robust discussion on children serving facilities. that is to come this year and so hopefully we can have the conversations before then. all right. colleagues would love your support on the remaining items both item 35 and 36 and then after those items, we will call the rest of the associated ordinances associated with this project. thank you very much. >> thank you, supervisor kim. with that, i would like to entertain a motion to excuse supervisor safai and supervisor cohen. moved by yee. can we take that out objection? without objection, they are excused. and on the items, items number 35 and 36, madam clearing, please call the roll. [ roll call ]
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>> there are 9 acyes. ayes. >> item 38 and 39. add the mission rock special use district and make the appropriate findings. item 39 also known as the cbbc for pier 48 with a rent of 55,000 per month and approximately 3,000 per month from october through march. item 40 is the ordinance to approve a development agreement for 28 acres of real property
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known as seawall lot 337 for the proposed mission rock mixed use project and suspend the administrative planning and codes. item 41 is a resolution to approve a disposition between the port and seawall lot 337 for 28 acres of real property known as the seawall lot 337. item 42 is a resolution to approve a memorandum of understanding between the port and other city agencies regarding inter agency cooperation for the proposed mission rock project. and item 43, is the resolution to approve a memorandum of understanding relating to and appointing the port commission as agent of mission rock special use district financing district approving related matters as defined here in and to approve the -- adopt the appropriate findings for items 39 through 43. >> colleagues, can we take these items same house same call. without objections they are
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adopted unanimously. congratulations. madam clerk, let's go back to roll call for introductions. >> we have that madam president. i'll move to supervisor fewer. >> thank you very much. today, colleagues, it's my pleasure to introduce this with the department of environment and the planning department to prioritize city wise biodiversity goals to for the c. we all depend for food, health, clean air and clean water. preservation of our natural environment, city departments developed policies that pertaining to the conservevation of natural resources. there is an inter agency working group who have met to create a citywide biodiversity vision which includes biologically rich ecosystems, equitable access, awareness and experience of
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nature, community and ecological stewardship. ecological planning and design. the department of environment and the planning department have worked for many months on this resolution with 13 other relevant city departments to articulate goals and develop next steps for making a bio diverse policy real in san francisco. urban areas we do not always prioritize our natural environment or think about how to preserve and nurture sustainability. we're lucky to be surrounded by natural environments. not all neighborhoods are surrounded by the same, we should be working to make sure environmental protection for the benefit and enjoyment of all our communities. i would like to thank supervisor jane kim who has committed to environmental preservation and also represents a more dense district than i for her
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cosponsorship on this resolution today. in closing, i would like to say that february 16th is the lunar new year and this is the year of the dog. so i just would like to say, for people listening or watching this meeting today, everyone a happy year of the dog. >> thank you, supervisor fewer. supervisor kim. >> thank you so much. i have two hearing items that i would like to introduce today. the first hearing is for the first report of the safer school sexual assault task force which my office called upon exactly a year ago. the task force has completed. the report -- and we would love for them to provide a presentation to the board so we can hear about the work they've done. as a reminder, we know that
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recent high school graduates who are on their way to college have many exciting changes and adventures to look forward to. however, the unfortunate grim reality is for many americans, particularly young 18 and 19-year-olds, they fas stats that are scary for many young parents. one in four women are sexually assaulted while in college and 84% of college women report a sexual assault and experience during their freshman or sophomore year. 85% of the victims were assaulted by someone they knew, usually a fellow student and 63% of college men who admitted to committing rape or attempted rape admitted to committing multiple offenses averaging 6 each. the reporting rates for campus sexual assaults are very low and on average only 12% of student victims report the assault to law enforcement. just as disturbing is the aftermath. if a student is sexually
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assaulted, there is little to no support from college administration. as a result, we see that survivors are violated for a second time as they try to navigate the on campus sis tim testimony as well as -- system as well as the criminal justice system which is the worst experience in a person's life. we have been working with many grass root advocates including survivors, faculty and graduates who are immobilizing to raise awareness and create resources and support for survivors who may not know their rights or how to navigate reporting their assaults. these same people commit a year's worth of their time and energy to serve on the safer schools sexual assault task force with the department of women's status. and this task force provided a vehicle for experts on the ground especially our direct service providers to weigh in on what the city and its educational institutions in san francisco are already doing and
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what we can do better to support these efforts citywide. the first major report including findings and recommendations of what we can do better, we want to make sure that members of the public and the full board get to hear what these recommendations are as we work to implement them. i want to acknowledge by cosponsors, supervisor ronen, tang, and stefani for cosponsoring our hearing and i look forward to hearing from our task force which included san francisco police department, our san francisco district attorney's office, and members -- students and faculty from usf, san francisco state, and city college of san francisco. second, i'm calling for a hearing on a behavioral health justice center and court. it was talked about earlier in roll call today by president breed, but we know that san francisco police department receives 20,000 calls for
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individuals in mental health crisis every year. our general hospital psychiatric emergency services are unable to accept any new patients for more than two months in 2016 due to lack of capacity. of the almost 5,000 incarcerated individuals seen by behavioral health services between 2014 and 2015, 15% were homeless at some point in their lives and 31% have been homeless in the last year. of the 77 incarcerated individuals housed in psychiatric housing and jail, 1100% were charged with -- 100% were charged with a felony and the most common was assault with force likely to commit greater bodily injury. this is an a tenable situation where our residents, visitors, and workers in san francisco don't feel safe and the individuals in the greatest need of treatment are pushed through a criminal justice revolving door and no one wins. i'm calling for a hearing on the
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behavioral health court which has remarkable outcomes. we want to scale this citywide. for those unfamiliar with the concept, the court is part of a system designed to identify people who are in the criminal justice system was of an untreated mental health issue and send them to treatment. the outcomes are noteworthy. after 18 months, 26% of participants are less likely to be charged with a new offense. 55% are less likely to be charged with -- it was reduced by 40% which is great for the participants and for taxpayer dollars. this behavioral health model is a concept that i believe is worth exploring with our experts from department of public health, pd, da, and public defenders office. we want to be able to talk about how we can scale this model so it's able to accept more individuals in need of treatment regardless of their involvement
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but also regardless of their contact with the criminal justice system. you shouldn't have to commit a crime to get the services and support and housing and shelter that you need. with don't want to continue to promote a system that isn't working. for the families of the individuals suffering from mental illness, we know that this isn't safe or healthy for anyone. colleagues, we look forward to hearing both of these hearings at committee and the rest i submit. >> thank you, supervisor kim. supervisor peskin. >> today i'm introducing a ethics reform measure with regard to disclosure of contributions by major donors, independent expenditure committees. i would like to thank supervisors, and i also want to thank president breed for
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agreeing to waive the 30-day rule. simply, this would apply to individuals who make contributions of over $10,000 to any committee. they would have to disclose that within 24 hours, and they would also have to disclose what their business interests are in san francisco above certain thresholds which will allow voters and the public and the media to know what is motivating the individuals to contribute. i look forward to passing this legislation. i also want to thank our interim mayor who has agreed to sign it if we are able to put it on his desk. i'm introducing a resolution opposing -- as well as our assembly member and former
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assessor by way of a brief explanation in its current form, it would essentially exempt from local controls regarding density, design height limits under 85 feet, any housing development within one half mile of a major transit stop or one quarter mile of a high quality as defined in the legislation transit corridor which amounts to 96% of san francisco. i waent to thank the san francisco planning department for their analysis of this legislation, which fundamentally undermines work that we have done, whether it's the neighborhood plan, the rincon hill plan, our housing programs, home sf, all of these could be undermined in our collective efforts to advance the same policies that senator wiener seeks to advance would be restricted on the local level.
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i spoke to him today and i'm going to send this item to committee and not put it on the adoption without reference calendar because he is getting ready to make apparently significant amendments to the legislation and we will see what those look like at the end of this month. finally -- i would like to thank supervisors for their cosponsorship of the resolution opposing sb827. finally, the city has taken unequivocal stand against senate bill 182, which passed last year. i want to thank our city attorney who has initiated litigation, which expresses san francisco's charter sovereignty. this is a piece of legislation which not only exacerbates our congestion issues but under cuts our local tax regulations and i want to salute our treasure who
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has been on this issue. we've been forced in litigation with uber and lyft. in the meantime, it's really unfair to taxi companies and law-abiding tnc drivers who have registered with the treasure and tax collector and this will temporarily give relief to those individuals as the litigation is being pursued by city attorney, and the rest i will submit. >> thank you, supervisor. supervisor ronen. >> madam president, that concludes the introduction of new business. >> thank you. read public comment. >> at this time, the public may now address the entire board of supervisors up to two minutes on items within the subject matter jurisdiction. pursuant to the board's rules, directly as a whole and not individual supervisors, nor to the audience. if you would like to display
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your document, state such to sftv and then remove it when you would like to return to live coverage of the meeting. >> [ unintelligible ]
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>> as a homeless advocate, i'm here to talk about mr. donan. he lives in house number 17. he has new manager. he and the four other people has been evicted only for one thing because they are black. i am against that and i don't allow anyone to have discrimination against us or anything or anyone in the city. include him and other people. we must see how we can stop that discrimination. the color is not discrimination. the discrimination is the people who make it that we must stop them. thank you very much. >> thank you. thank you for your comments.
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next speaker, please. >> i regret not going to city council in san jose the month leading up to 91 is 1 because -- 911 because i could have had it on record. the 6th trumpet can be narrowed down to the year, month, and day. if you know when jesus was baptized, you can know with the 6th trumpet is. you can actually know when the 6th trumpet is because there's a chronology that leads back to the destruction of the jewish temple and the command by king cyrus to restore and build jerusalem later. it's really strange that more christians don't understand it, but i do. i did. i regret that. i'm not going to make the same mistake of coming down here before. tomorrow is 6,000 days from 911.
11:55 pm
it's 8,000 days from the jubilee of christ. it's the 70th real jubilee, but it's the 40th from christ. tomorrow will be 8,000 days from then. now, it's not as easy to calculate when judgment day is going to be. okay. it really isn't. but once again, it's very, very simple. i haven't proved my point because i have two minutes. i really wish i could get ahold of john macarthur. he could understand it if i could dislodge his thinking. most people think the temple was destroyed in 587bc, but the prophet didn't say that. will judgment day be tomorrow? well, you say you hope so. somebody said that. but this is no joking matter. i mean, if you don't know jesus christ -- i was trying to convert the muslims. christians don't have homophobia
11:56 pm
with the homosexuals. i talk with the homosexuals and try to convert them. i speak with the muslims on islamophobia. >> thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> president breed, ladies and gentlemen of the board. i ask for your resignations. you violated your oaths of office. you swore to defend the u.s. constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. yet, you continue the operation of citywide case management focus. a joint project with the san francisco campus of the university of california which city and county funds at the rate of approximately $100 million per year. citywide is city and counties assertive community treatment provider. it's responsible for performing involuntary medical and surgical procedures upon residents of the city and county. citywide is able to do this only by denying the patients life and liberty without due process of law guaranteed by u.s.
11:57 pm
constitution amendment five. citywide denies the patient freedom of association and the right to petition the government with grievances all guaranteed by u.s. constitution amendment one. citywide perpetration unreasonable searches and seizures in violate of constitutional amendment 4. they deny the patients the right to -- citywide denies patients the right to jury trials guaranteed by amendment 7. cruel and unusual punishment and violation of amendment 8. they deny guaranteed by constitution a end in -- amendment 9. citywide uses medicine to unnecessarily control the patients because it offers no avenue of complaint. it violates u.s. constitution amendment 13. citywide denies the patients equal protection under the laws guaranteed by amendment 14. you are knowledgeable of these
11:58 pm
vie layings. you do nothing to prevent them. you have violated your oath of office. i ask for your resignation. back to you, madam clerk. >> thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> the city's obviously broken. it's not functioning directly. it's never been more unlivable. there's never been nor misery -- more misery in the streets anded board has done nothing to alleviate this situation. the first good decision you guys have made was making my political enemy the mayor. that's the first solid decision you guys have made. i say that because of the mad cow stampede that ensued afterwards. that was a disgraceful exhibition that was a total disrespect to those halls and to the democratic processor what we're supposed to be doing. i digress.
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i want to get back to all this you guys worrying about trump and the sanctuary city and all that stuff. you don't care about all that. if you did, you wouldn't let these poor immigrants walk through filth, people shooting up, selling crack, going to the bathroom in the streets. i suggest you start doing your job. put out a couple more out houses, maybe a public bath, a needle place where people can shoot up or put their dirty needles instead of leaving them in the street. this is a total ruin. you guys are presiding over it. so i suggest you get out of the developer's hip pocket and start addressing some of the issues that are facing us. the placement center, what good is a placement center when the public, the homeless can't use the bathroom. they have to go in the alley in the back and use the bathroom.
12:00 am
or, you know, they can't go in the front because people are selling crack out there. 600 feet for a pot club? everybody is selling crack anywhere they want. this is a disgrace. are you guys -- have you guys been outside? have you walked up larkin street or hyde? thank you. >> thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> auto duffy, neighborhood activist. historically going back, you know, about the time i was born, the golden post warriors, there were a lot more jobs and those jobs didn't require extreme academic skills or any other india of great skills the average person could find a way to raise a family. i had a neighbor who drove a milk truck. part of our problems is those jobs are gone. they're gone. i know about the time i moved here there were two peo o


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